“Suck it up, Buttercup”

As a health professional who has worked to help those whose mental health has been undermined by the intensity of the recent presidential campaign, I am appalled by State Representative Bobby Kaufman’s recent statements. He says “suck it up, Buttercup” to those who are suffering and seeking anything involving taxpayer-funded aid. Well, my work at the […] GO

A Harsh Reality

So here we are on November 9, 2016. Last night, Donald Trump’s pickaxe hit a well of racism, sexism, hate, fear and anger. The Donald has always been a prospector and he approached the 2016 presidential campaign no different than any other Trumpian venture. As the world watched states go from gray to red, we witnessed […] GO

Help disabled voters get to the polls

Persons with disabilities now have new ways to get out and vote on Election Day, Nov. 8. With the help of trained volunteers at polling sites around Iowa City and Coralville, and transportation assistance to reach their polling location, persons with disabilities will now have a better chance at casting their votes.   Transportation to polling sites […] GO

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