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Iowa City Makes Right Move on Immigration

I’m proud of the Iowa City Council for adopting a resolution Tuesday denying allocation of local resources to federal immigration enforcement, except in the case of public safety. In a time where many in our community are experiencing fear and uncertainty, such resolutions serve as a reminder we care for one another. I hope Coralville, […] GO

A Harsh Reality

So here we are on November 9, 2016. Last night, Donald Trump’s pickaxe hit a well of racism, sexism, hate, fear and anger. The Donald has always been a prospector and he approached the 2016 presidential campaign no different than any other Trumpian venture. As the world watched states go from gray to red, we¬†witnessed […] GO

Core Four drops the ball on workforce housing

On June 6, 2016, the Core Four fumbled an opportunity to promote a progressive development in the heart of downtown Iowa City. The proposed 14-story 72-unit building on South Linn Street required no tax-increment financing thanks to Workforce Housing Tax Credits provided by the State of Iowa. For this particular State program, workforce housing is […] GO